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IMAGES OF OCCUPATION Vol.1 Simon Hamon, 2018. 175 pages of photographs and descriptive text using predominantly, previously unpublished photos from various collections including the authors and the late John Goodwin. £14.95

A CARTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. Limited edition of 275 copies. View the full details here or email mm@extraordinaryeditions.com

A Handful of Dust. Aidan Monaghan 2017. Island Manager on Brecqhou, Aidan's first published book. This poignant, stirring and incredibly moving collection of poetry will give the reader much to reflect upon. Spend some time with this fascinating poet, and absorb the journey he perfectly depicts, through the deepest, darkest corners of life and death, with all its emotional turbulence, and you will never view life, death and the bits in between in quite the same way again. Available from Amazon as a a paperback here:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Handful-Dust-Aidan-Monaghan/dp/1542500222/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1488720072&sr=8-6&keywords=a+handful+of+dust

or the Kindle version here:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Handful-Dust-Aidan-Monaghan-ebook/dp/B01N5QNC6U/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1488720717&sr=8-8&keywords=a+handful+of+dust

Channel islands, Antsead

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS: D.T. Ansted & R.G. Latham. 3rd edition, 1893. Physical geography, natural and civil history of the Islands, woodcut and photographic illustrations. Green cloth covered with gilt title to spine, 470 pages. £110 

HISTORY OF GUERNSEY with occasional notices of Jersey, Alderney & Sark. Jonathan Duncan B.A. 1841. Immensely detailed work including the island's early and commercial history, ecclesiastical and military sections, constitution etc. 650 pages. Re-bound in a rich green morocco leather with hand sewn headbands. Gilt title, date and decoration to spine with raised bands. A handsome copy of this important and original study. £265 

berry.jpg (9663 bytes)

HISTORY OF GUERNSEY: William Berry 1815. The History of the Island of Guernsey from the remotest period of antiquity to the year 1814, containing an interesting account of the island; its government, civil, military and ecclesiastical; peculiar privileges, customs etc, with particulars of the neighbouring islands of Alderney, Sark and Jersey. 348 pages complete with all prints and map. Beautifully rebound in finest calf leather with raised bands, gilt tooling and title to spine; a charming, elegant copy of this important account of Guernsey's history. £690

Cartulaire de Jersey, Guernesey et les autres Iles Normandes. Published by La Société Jersiaise 1924. Volumes 1, 4, 5 & 6 available separately £65 each.

Le Précepte D'Assise. Sir Havilland De Sausmarez. Bt. A translation of the findings of the Royal Court as set forth in the 'Precepte d'Assise', 1441. Undated but circa 1930. Card covers 23 pages. £23

ROLLS OF THE ASSIZES Held in the Channel Islands in the 2nd year of the Reign of King Edward II. (A.D.1309).  Published by La Société Jersiaise 1903, limited to 300 copies. Latin text with English translation on opposite page. A large scholarly work reproducing the pleas at the assize courts of the 14th century, detailing some of the earliest history known of the islands. Copies seldom available. £165

Channel Islands Pamphlet containing: A true copy of Queen Elizabeth's Charter, How and Why we are Normans, History of the Great Rollo, and other Historical Matters. 1925. Paper covers, 12 pages. £18

Recueil D'Ordonnances de la Cour Royale, Vol I. Adv. Robert MacCulloch. 1852.

Recueil D'Ordonnances de la Cour Royale, Vol II. Adv. Robert MacCulloch. 1856.

Recueil D'Ordres en Conseil Vol II. E. C. Ozanne (Procureur du Roi) 1903.

 All half bound with gilt title to spine. £36 each.

The History of Guernsey and its Bailiwick; with Occasional Notices of Jersey. Ferdinand Brock Tupper. 1876 (Second Edition). 590 pages in original blind tooled cloth boards with guilt title to spine. £230

Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord de Saumarez. Sir John Ross 1838, Volume 1 & 2. De Saumarez (1757-1836), was a British Naval Commander, born in Guernsey and educated at Elizabeth College. He served in the navy during the American Revolutionary war and was invalided out of the West Indies, (1774-82), and distinguished himself in the 3rd Dutch War. He fought at L'Orient (1795), Cape St. Vincent (1797) and he served with Nelson and was second in command at the battle of the Nile (1798), at which he was wounded. In 1801, as vice-admiral he fought his greatest action off Cadiz, defeating fourteen French-Spanish ships with six. He commanded the British Baltic fleet sent to assist the Swedes from 1809 to 1813 and after a vigorous campaign he was promoted to admiral in 1814, and subsequently commanded at Plymouth (1824-27). A fine memorial to him can be found in the Town Church, St. Peter Port.  Both volumes have been rebound sometime ago with the original blind decorated covers laid over. Rarely available. £249

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. Robert Mudie, 1839. Complete with all plates and fold-out map. Original cloth boards with blind and gilt decoration, some wear to spine. All edges gilt. Seriously rare £318

The History of Guernsey and its Bailiwick; with Occasional Notices of Jersey. Ferdinand Brock Tupper. 1876 (Second Edition). 590 pages. Beautifully re-bound by John Jameson of Cotswold Bookbinders in fine dark red morocco leather with hand sewn headbands. Gilt title, date and decoration to spine with raised bands. An elegant copy £290
Biographie et journal de Madame Judith Le Poidevin : du Valle, à Guernesey. Pasteur P. Lucas, 1872. French text, 115 pages, cloth bound, binding nearly detached and decidedly unwell, contents good. A very scarce book. £53

La Liturgie; Prieres Publiques avec les Psaumes de David. Printed 1816, J. Champion, Guernsey. Possibly the best piece of letterpress printing from Guernsey in the early 19th C. Size 9" x 10.5". Restored leather binding, all edges gilt. Title to spine and blocked on cover 'Tresor de L'Eglise de St. Pierre Port. £93

ANDRE'S TRIAL: A Tale of Guernsey. Austin Clare. Non dated but with an inscription of 1877. A Victorian novel with a moral story published by SPCK. 80 pages, small format, cloth bound with gilt title to cover. £32

CHARLES II IN THE CHANNEL ISLANDS: A Contribution to his Biography and to the History of his Time. Vol 1 & 2, S. Elliott Hoskins. 1854. Both volumes beautifully re-bound in half red morocco, sewn headbands, raised bands on spine with gilt lettering piece. £295

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS: Historical & Legendary Sketches. C. J. Metcalfe, 1852. Hardcover, 188 pages with illustrations. £95

folklore.jpg (27720 bytes)

GUERNSEY FOLKLORE: Sir Edgar MacCulloch 1903. Large (8vo, 616 pages). A collection of popular superstition, legendary tales, peculiar customs, proverbs, weather sayings etc. Top edge gilt, £240

The Archaeology of the Channel Islands: Vol. 1 The Bailiwick of Guernsey. Thomas D. Kendrick, 1928. A detailed account of the archaeology of the Bailiwick, in two parts. The first part is a general survey of its archaeology, while the bulk of the book is a parish-by-parish description of sites and the finds made at them, with many detailed plans and drawings. There are separate chapters on Alderney, Sark, Herm and Burhou. 273 pages and 6 maps.

The Archaeology of the Channel Islands: Vol. 2 The Bailiwick of Jersey. Jacquetta Hawkes, 1937. a detailed and authoritative account of the archaeology of the Bailiwick, including the Minquiers. It contains chapters reviewing the quaternary period, megalithic and post megalithic periods, and descriptions of sites in various categories, such as passage graves and menhirs, many of these being accompanied by detailed plans, 320 pages, 3 maps. Both these volumes now very rare and offered together for £350

blacks.jpg (18025 bytes)

BLACK'S GUIDE TO THE CHANNEL ISLANDS 1884 AND 1887, edited by D.T. Anstead Hardback with gilt title to front and spine. illustrated with engravings and maps. a good miniature map of Sark pinned to frontispiece, foxing to outer pages and edges. 190 pages. £53 each

A SIMPLE HISTORY OF GUERNSEY.  M. M. Stewart, 1931. Cloth covered, 135 pages. £22

OUR OWN ISLAND. J.P. Warren, B.Sc. 1926. A descriptive account of Guernsey: its geographical position, climate, formation, rocks, soil and crops, its streams, roads, shipping, traffic, commerce and people, its forms of government, its present status and its future outlook. Illustrated with photos and many drawings, hardback, 126 pages. Uncommon. £48

A Labouring Gentleman. John Dunord 1930. A novel set in the Channel Islands. Hard cover, red cloth with title to front board and spine. £33

The First One Hundred Years of the Province of Guernsey & Alderney. Published in a limited edition (only 345) to Commemorate its Centenary on 23rd July 1994. A comprehensive history of Freemasonry in the Province of Guernsey and Alderney. Seldom available as they were largely sold to members of the province. Card covers, 167 pages. £28

The Island Countryman. 'La Campagnard', non dated but possibly late 1960's. A brilliant, detailed account of twelve months in the life of a farmer/grower immediately after the war. Poorly printed with a binding to match; however quite a rare publication. £28

100 YEARS of the Fruit. A celebration of 100 years of the Blue Diamond Group. Mike Vaudin 2003. An illustrated history of 'The Fruit Export' company and its progression and diversification as Guernsey's horticultural industry grew and finally receded. Hardcover, 180 pages £12

A PEOPLE OF THE SEA, The maritime History of the Channel Islands: 1986, A massive work edited by Dr. A.G. Jamieson. Records the varied and intriguing maritime past of the Channel Islands, drawing on records from Britain, Canada and the Islands themselves. A unique, comprehensive and authoritative study. 16 colour & 56 black and white illustrations, 528 pages, a fine copy with dustjacket of a now scarce book. £135

Wrecked on the Channel Islands. David Couling 1982.  Illustrated book detailing over seventy vessels wrecked around the islands. Card covers, 126 pages. £15

lifeboat.jpg (28218 bytes)

MAYDAY! A History of the Guernsey Lifeboat Station. Guy Blampied, 1984. Detailed history of the Guernsey lifeboat station from 1803-182 with numerous photos, 120 pages, card covers. £14

Guernsey Harbours and Airport Handbook. A forty page booklet detailing the commercial and pleasure facilities, and fees. Circa 1950's. £8

The Harbour of St. Peter Port, Guernsey 1948-1977. Captain John Corbin Allez. A 30 page illustrated booklet detailing the workings and development of St. Peter Port harbour during Capt. Allez's tenure as Harbour Master. £8

The Channel Islands under Tudor Government, 1845-1642. A study in Administrative History. Cloth covered hardback with illustrations and inscription of Arthur Bradbury, Artist of Sark. (1949). £27

LA SOCIETE GUERNESIAISE, Report & Transactions. Various years: 1951, 1956, 1960, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970. £10 each.

LA SOCIETE GUERNESIAISE, Report & Transactions. Various years: 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980.   £7 each.

LA SOCIETE GUERNESIAISE, Report & Transactions. Various years: 1981, 1982, 1983.  £5 each.

LA SOCIETE GUERNESIAISE, Offprints:-  Guernsey in the Eighteen-thirties,  The Low Level Beaches at Rousse, Sculptured Lines on Capstone of the Dolmen of Dehus, Notes on the recent Dicovery of a Human Figure sculptured on the Capstone of the Dolmen of Dehus, Guernsey, The Merchant's Marks of the Channel Islands, The English Garrison of Guernsey from Early Times.  £3 each.

Note-Book of Pierre Le Roy. Pierre Le Roy, 1600-1675 was a schoolmaster of St Martin's Parish in Guernsey. This is edited from the original french manuscript, with parallel English translation, introduction and notes by G.E. Lee, MA, FSA. £8

Prehistoric Monuments of Guernsey. J. Stevens Cox. 1976. Booklet containing 37 pages of photos, drawings and descriptions of Megalithic tombs and standing stones. £11

British Landscapes through maps GUERNSEY, A description of the O.S. map of Guernsey. A brief history and layout of Guernsey based on the Ordonannce Survey Map by Professor H.J. Fleure. Card covers, 20 pages photographic illustrations. £11

Map of Guernsey (Ordnance Survey 1934). Cloth backed, in good condition. £22

Island-Scenery.JPG (13169 bytes)

ISLAND SCENERY circa 1890. Sketches and text in the Isle of Man (35 pages), Isle of Wight (30 pages), Channel islands (22 pages). A fine Victorian book in decorative embossed covers with gilt lettering and silver vignette to cover. Some minor wear to top and bottom of spine. Interior pages clean and bright. well written text accompanied by superb woodcut sketches throughout this scarce book.  £47

CASTEL PARISH Past and Present. Dave Wylie 2010. Following the success of the Vale Parish's exhibition the Castel Parish staged a similar event at Beaucamps School in 2009. This book consolidates all this work and covers the history both ecclesiastical and commercial, and social development. A huge work, with a fantastic photographic content. A truly fascinating, definitive work on this parish. £45

GUERNSEY, Pictures from the Past. 1991, Carel Toms. The fifth of a popular series of books containing 190 historic photos of Guernsey with a few also from Alderney and Sark. Hardcover with dustjacket. £22

GUERNSEY Through the lens again. Victor Coysh and Carel Toms, 1982. The author's second volume of old photos covers the three decades from 1910-1940, a period within living memory. 199 photos, hardcover with dustjacket £18

Bygone Guernsey. Victor Coysh and Carel Toms, 1987. The third book in this popular series covering the period between 1858 and 1958. 199 photos of Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Hardcover with dustjacket. £22

Fifty Years of Freedom.1995, Edited by Nick Machon. Large format A4 book containing hundreds of photos depicting notable events from 1945 to 1995. £24

The Channel Islands. Harald Eggert 1980. A history of the Islands. 140 pages, richly illustrated with colour photos. £11

The Channel Islands. A history and topographical guide, illustrated with black and white photos, 140 pages with dustjacket. £8



DIEX AIX; God Help Us. The Guernseymen who marched away 1914-1918. Maj. Edwin Parks, 1992. A detailed history of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry and other units in which locals served during WWI. Contains extensive lists of those who served, fell or returned, including the location of graves where known. Now a very scarce work. £45

ELIZABETH COLLEGE IN EXILE 1940 -1945. Vernon G. Collenette. (OE 4186). A detailed history of the college during WWII. Card covers, 56 pages with photo illustrations. £35

ELIZABETH COLLEGE REGISTER 1824-1873. Compiled by Charles James Durand, Kentish Brock & Edward Charles Ozanne. Gilt title to spine and front cover, spine faded. £145 

ELIZABETH COLLEGE REGISTER 1911-1939. Compiled by Victor Coysh (OE 3536). £115



THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY. Trevor Blakemore, 1913. A post Edwardian novel partly set in the Channel Islands. 300 pages, blue cloth boards. £43

Holland-Blue.jpg (7640 bytes)

THINGS SEEN IN THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. Clive Holland, circa 1930. Detailed historical and topographical guide to the Channel Islands with black and white maps and photo illustrations. Blue cloth hard covers with gilt title to spine, 150 pages. £26

THE GUILBERTS OF HAUTEVILLE. Cecil Cook, 1977. A novel set in the 1850's £10

GUERNSEY, A selection of simple studies. G.D. Roussel circa 1957. A 12 booklet originally intended for the use of school parties visiting the Island. £4

A Historical Look at Guernsey and the Bailiwick. G. H. Mahy, circa 1975. A 120 page booklet well illustrated with black and white photos; an informative historical account. £8

Queen of the Channel Islands. circa 1947. Issued by the Guernsey Railway Co., a 48 page historical and topographical guide to Guernsey with many interesting illustrations.  £11

blacks-Cloth.JPG (11398 bytes)

BLACK'S GUIDE TO THE CHANNEL ISLANDS 1921, 16th edition, with maps and illustrations, cloth covered.  £22

Blacks1913.jpg (13975 bytes)

BLACK'S GUIDE TO THE CHANNEL ISLANDS 1913, 15th edition, with maps and illustrations, cloth covered.  £24

LES ILES DE LA MANCHE. Henri Boland 1904. French text: Description, history and guide to the Channel Islands. Beautifully rebound in maroon half calf with gilt title and tooling to spine. 280 pages, illustrations and map. £124

Mackenzie & Le Patourel's Almanack and Directory 1881. Commercial and social directory with period adverts. A bit worn £22

Almanach de la Gazette de Guernesey 1877, 1904 & 1921. Commercial and social directory with period adverts, french text.  £28each

O'Rooke-3rd.jpg (9059 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, Jersey Guernsey and Sark, Pictorial Legendary and Descriptive with a glance at Alderney. Octavius Rooke, 3rd edition circa 1859. Complete with maps and engravings. Publishers original green cloth, printed in black. £85

PATOIS POEMS of the CHANNEL ISLANDS. John Linwood Pitts. Second series, non dated. 80 pages, paper covers. £32

RAMBLES AMONG THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. By  a naturalist, 1860. Historical outline, geology, bays, caves, plants, animals, antiquities, language, laws and customs. Illustrated, 360 pages, original blind stamped cloth covers with guilt title to spine, some chipping to top and bottom of spine. £80


INGLIS'S CHANNEL ISLANDS ( The result of a two years' residence) H.D. Inglis 2nd edition, 1835. The Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Serk, Herm and Jethou. A delightful description of the Islands with maps and engravings. Volume I and II bound as one, original binding still tight, with gilt tooling of the Guernsey crest and title on spine. A desirable rare book. £235

GsyPastandpresent.JPG (5333 bytes)

GUERNSEY PRESENT & PAST: An Island where Feudalism Lingers. 1933 second edition, illustrated by Florence Ayscough, 124 pages, cloth covered with faded gilt title. A study of Guernsey history by Ralph Durand, member of the council of La Societe Guernesiaise. £31

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, Edith Carey, beautifully illustrated rare de-luxe edition, No. 242 of 300 copies signed by Henry B. Wimbush, with 76 colour plates painted by Wimbush, reproduced by Carl Hentschel & Co. A history of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney & Sark. Hardback, gilt and coloured title to front and spine, top edge gilt and page ends deckled, red silk marker, some darkening 290 pages, published by A. & C. Black 1904.  £320

EdithCarey.jpg (36426 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, Edith Carey, beautifully illustrated 1st edition with 76 colour plates painted by Henry B. Wimbush, reproduced by Carl Hentschel & Co. A history of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney & Sark. Hardback, gilt and coloured title to front and spine, 290 pages, published by A. & C. Black 1904. £135/£160.

Edith-Carey2nd.JPG (10443 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, Edith Carey, a good copy of the 1924 second edition illustrated  with 32 colour plates painted by Henry B. Wimbush, reproduced by Carl Hentschel & Co. A history of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney & Sark. Hardback, gilt title to spine with blind decoration 226 pages, £60.

ESSAYS ON GUERNSEY HISTORY. Edith Carey, 1936. 27 different papers on local history, published in memory of Miss E. F. Carey, noted historian and President of La Societe Guernesiaise from 1920-1921 and 1927-1928. 80 pages with illustrations, hardbound with fading to spine and part of front cover £36

Guernsey-Edith-Carey.JPG (5681 bytes)

GUERNSEY. A rare pre-war guide to Guernsey and its Bailiwick. Edited by Edith Carey the booklet contains numerous period photographs with accompanying text by eminent local contributors. Paper covers, 46 pages.  £28

Jacobs-Maroon.JPG (5296 bytes)

Annals of Guernsey, Alderney, Sark etc. John Jacob 1830. Part 1. Fully re-bound in fine burgundy calf leather, with raised bands and gilt title and blind tooling to spine. A splendid copy containing all prints. 490 pages. £460

bells.jpg (5935 bytes)

THE CHURCH BELLS OF GUERNSEY ALDERNEY & SARK. 1964, Frederick Sharpe, F.S.A. with notes on the medieval Exeter foundry by Rev. John Scott, M.A. Detailed description of bailiwick bells with photographs and diagrams. Campanology experienced a renaissance from the late 1970's well after the publication of this hard to find book. Signed by the author. £58

BevanTourist.JPG (10752 bytes)

TOURIST'S GUIDE to the CHANNEL ISLANDS: G. Phillips Bevan 1892 . Small delightful 100 page hardback. introduction to the islands, their traditions and history, and places to visit with detailed excursions. Three maps, index and period adverts . £55 

granites.jpg (8632 bytes)

GRANITE & OUR GRANITE INDUSTRIES. George F. Harris, F.G.S. 1888. A rare book detailing types of granite, extraction methods etc., with a short section on Channel Island quarries. Ex-library (with labels), some wear to covers. £46

bicknell.jpg (8878 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. E.E Bicknell 1910, A history, geography and guide to the Channel Islands, with 32 photographic illustrations and five maps. 240 pages, red cloth bound hard cover with gilt title on spine and crest on front cover. £30

Ward-Lock.JPG (13201 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS and the adjoining coast of France: Ward Lock & Co. Period guide books with maps, illustrations and adverts, 170 pages cloth covered and board covers, various conditions and years, 1909/10, 1921/22, 1922/23, 1933/34 £15

Visit of H.M. The Queen & H.R.H. Prince Philip to Guernsey 1957. 16 page Programme and Official Souvenir, published by the Guernsey Press. Illustrated. £10

Visit of H.M. The Queen & H.R.H. Prince Philip to Guernsey 1957. This souvenir has an inscription, being presented to a pupil of St. Pierre du Bois School. Richly illustrated with 30 fine photographs of the event. £12

ROYAL TOUR 89. The first visit by H.M. The Queen to the Channel Islands in eleven years was a spectacular event. This book captures in words and pictures scenes from all four islands visited by H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh during Their three day visit at the end of May 1989. A4 format, 124 pages. £26

Press-Guide-Guernsey.JPG (7960 bytes)

Illustrated "Press" Guide to Guernsey. Guide to the cliffs, rambles and bays, short history and map. Period adverts and photographs, circa 1932. £24

Ordonnances.jpg (9596 bytes)

ORDONNANCES de la Cour Royale. Various copies: 1883, 1885, 1894, 1898, 1928, 1934. £6 each

Quarrying.JPG (8669 bytes)

QUARRYING in GUERNSEY, ALDERNEY & HERM. R.W.D. Fenn & A.B. Yeoman. 2008. Once a major industry in the Channel Islands, this book covers the subject from the neolithic period to the present. £10

Anthology.JPG (16195 bytes)

The Channel Islands Annual Anthology 1972-1973. Edited by James and Gregory Stevens-Cox, 1972. A collection of essays and illustrated articles on aspects of the archaeology, history, folklore and folklife of the islands. Card covers 110 pages. £15

Castle-Cornet-Guide.JPG (19363 bytes)

CASTLE CORNET GUERNSEY, Official Guide. B.H. St. J. O'Neil, F.S.A., 1954. Illustrated official guide and history to the castle with pull out plan from the 1949 survey. Card covers, 23 pages, £7. 

Castle1981.JPG (16726 bytes)

CASTLE CORNET GUERNSEY, Official Guide. B.H. St. J. O'Neil, F.S.A., Revised 1981 edition, card covers, 29 pages £7.

The Collected works of Marjorie Ozanne 1897-1972. Edited and translated by Ken Hill, 2000. During Marjorie Ozanne's early years, Guernsey-French was spoken at home. She wrote between 1949-1965, numerous stories which were published in Guernsey-French in the Guernsey Evening Press. Ken Hill, a Guernseyman, has collected and translated into English many of these stories and a number of short plays and sketches by Marjorie Ozanne. £5

DICTIOUNNAIRE ANGLLAIS-GUERNESIAIS. Marie De Garis, 1973. Card covers, 48 pages with previous owners name on front cover. £6

Militia-Coysh.JPG (5803 bytes)

Royal Guernsey, A history of the Royal Guernsey Militia Victor Coysh 1977, a short but detailed booklet on the history of the Royal Guernsey Militia, card covers 64 pages, illustrated. £14

Buildings-Memorials.JPG (25244 bytes)

BUILDINGS & MEMORIALS of the CHANNEL ISLANDS. Raoul Lempriere, 1980. A survey covering all the islands, the book includes chapters on the parish and other churches, fortifications, buildings in towns country and coast, and memorials. It includes a good bibliography and is very well illustrated. Hardback with dustjacket 200 pages. £23

A Visitor's Guide to Guernsey, Alderney & Sark. Victor Coysh, 1983. A visitor guide and history, numerous black & white photos. A5 Card covers, 140 pages. £9

GUERNSEY PRESS; The first 100 years. Dave Prigent. Detailed history of the 'Press' company from 1897-1997. 105 pages, illustrated with dustjacket. £12

CHANNEL ISLANDS PILOT.  Malcolm Robson, comprehensive details on passage making around the Islands, the author himself being an accomplished yachtsman. All errors in the first edition are corrected in this the second. Learn where all the rocks are, or more importantly where there's none! £22

ebeneezer.jpg (26062 bytes)

THE BOOK OF EBENEZER LE PAGE, G.B. Edwards, 1981 introduction by John Fowles. Fictionalised account of life in Guernsey during the first half of the twentieth century. An outstanding novel now sadly out of print. Although fictional, it encapsulates much about the way of life of islanders, and has achieved cult status. Hardback with dustjacket, a fine copy, 400 pages £28

JosephMorris.jpg (6068 bytes)

CHANNEL ISLANDS, Joseph E. Morris 1911. Beautiful Britain series published by A. & C. Black, London. Blue cloth covered with colour picture to cover and black tooling. 12 fine colour illustrations by Henry B. Wimbush. A beautifully presented book.   £30

uttley.jpg (15045 bytes)

THE STORY OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. John Uttley 1966, 1st edition with dustjacket, 212 pages. History of the Channel Islands beginning with prehistoric times and passes on to the three hundred year period when the islands were part of the Duchy of Normandy. The story continues through to modern times including the German occupation and the recovery after the war. £15 

Portrait of the Channel Islands. Raoul Lempriere, 1970, (1st edition). A topographical account of the landscapes and history of the islands. Including descriptions of the towns and buildings, agriculture, buildings, tourism, industries, transport and customs and ceremonies. Hardcover with dustjacket, 224 pages, photos throughout. £18

customs.jpg (15826 bytes)

CUSTOMS, CEREMONIES & TRADITIONS of the CHANNEL ISLANDS. Raoul Lempriere 1976. An entertaining yet comprehensive survey of local rituals associated with the Sovereign, the law, feudalism, parishes and the Church of England, the seasons, witchcraft and the supernatural. 220 pages £16

Birds-Ozanne.jpg (11938 bytes)

BIRDS OF THE STORM: The Story of Marjorie Ozanne's Bird Hospital. Ernest-Vivian Coltman 1963. Tells the story of Marjorie Ozanne, who ran a bird hospital on Guernsey from before the Second World War until the 1950s. Birds injured, oiled or abandoned were cared for. Hardcover with dustjacket, 120 pages and photographs £23

deguerin.jpg (46420 bytes)

THE NORMAN ISLES. Basil C. de Guerin, 3rd edition 1952, with protected dustjacket, 106 pages and photographic illustrations.  Neither a history or guide book, but pleasantly combines the features of both. £14

Osmond-Gallienne.jpg (13587 bytes)

MY LIFE IN GUERNSEY.  An autobiography by Osmond Gallienne, 1999. Details of Osmond's life with much reference to his time with the St. John Ambulance Brigade, before, during and after WWII. Brand new paperback, 280 pages with illustrations. £5

samaritan Don Everitt

SAMARITAN of THE ISLES. Don K. Everitt 1956 hardback in good dustjacket. The book covers the setting up of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Guernsey under the leadership of Reg Blanchford G.M. O.B.E.  Also details the marine ambulance 'Flying Christine' and its mercy missions to Herm, Sark and Brecqhou. £27  Another copy signed by Reg Blanchford £35

LANDSCAPE of the CHANNEL ISLANDS. Nigel Jee 1982. The most comprehensive and effective consideration of how the landscapes of the Channel Islands have evolved. Landscape is the explicit theme of the work, being interpreted as the origins, components and character of both natural and artificial scenery of the islands. A systematic approach is taken, with the impacts of historical changes in the natural landscape, and its agriculture, horticulture, architecture, military matters, industry, transport and recreation being woven into an integrated survey. Eminently readable and enriched by photographs. 190 pages £24

Coysh-C.I..JPG (15373 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS: A New Study. Edited by Victor Coysh, 1977. A collection of major aspects of the physical and human environments by acknowledged local experts. Chapters include geology, prehistory, archaeology, history fauna and flora, farming, horticulture and way of life. Over 70 photos, maps and drawings, hardback 255 pages. £21

wildflowers.jpg (24725 bytes)

THE WILD FLOWERS of GUERNSEY. David McClintock 1975. The first complete account of the island's flora to be published since 1901. Also record plants distribution in Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. Hardback with slightly worn dustjacket, 280 pages with some line drawings. £25

Wildflowers-Bichard.JPG (34422 bytes)

WILD FLOWERS of the Channel Islands: John D. Bichard and David McClintock, 1975. Hardback with good dustjacket. Contains colour photographs and descriptions of one hundred of the most common species of wild flowers in the islands. £12 

TomatoGrowing.JPG (12364 bytes)

TOMATO GROWING by prescription. Reuben Dorey B.Sc., 1960. A up-to-date approach to glasshouse tomato production using a scientific approach and the author's families long established experience of tomato growing in Guernsey. Hardback, illustrated with slightly worn dustjacket £24

Tastes-of-the-CI.JPG (17468 bytes)

TASTES OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS: Amanda Closs 1983. An attractive collection of over 150 recipes, traditional and modern, reflecting the islands' character and independence. Recipes have been derived fro old recipe books or handed down orally. They are accompanied by illustrations, and extracts from 19th century guidebooks, which throw light on the culture, folklore and culinary traditions of the islands, signed by author.  £23

FloraJerseyGarland.JPG (3719 bytes)

A FLORA OF THE ISLAND OF JERSEY. L.V. Lester-Garland M.A., F.L.S. 1903. With a list of the plants of the Channel Islands in General and remarks upon their distribution and geographical affinities. The author was one time Principal of Victoria College Jersey and a Fellow of St. John's College Oxford. Green cloth covered hardback, 200 pages, large fold out map of Jersey, a fine as new copy. £47

Lichen-Flora.JPG (20454 bytes)

THE LICHEN-FLORA of Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Rev. W.A. Leighton, B.A. 1872 2nd edition, privately printed for the author. A comprehensive book with introduction to the study of lichen, a copious  glossary and index of species and their distribution. 500 pages, hardback with blind tooling to boards, spine only has suffered some water damage, a rare volume £67

Natural-history-Jee.JPG (9705 bytes)

GUERNSEY'S NATURAL HISTORY. Nigel Jee, second edition 1972 with photographs by Carel Toms. Provides a non-technical introduction to the flora and fauna of Guernsey and the Channel Islands. £

British-Flora.JPG (33220 bytes)

HANDBOOK OF BRITISH FLORA. 1866. George Bentham. A description of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or naturalized in the British Isles. A non Channel Island book. A 600 page detailed reference with numerous previous owners annotations in margins. Half bound calf with gilt title to spine. £40

Comital-Flora.JPG (7887 bytes)

THE COMITAL FLORA OF THE BRITISH ISLES. George Claridge Druce, 1932. Being the distribution of British (including a number of non-indigenous) plants throughout the 152 vice-counties of Gt. Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands, with the place of growth, elevation, world distribution, grade, chief synonyms and the first names by which the plants were recorded as British. Cloth covered boards, gilt title to spine, 400 pages including the usually missing map in rear pocket. £28

silver.jpg (13535 bytes)

OLD CHANNEL ISLANDS SILVER, Its Makers and Marks. Richard H. Mayne, 1969. The definitive study of local silver, listing every known mark and describing the maker, hardback with worn dustjacket, well illustrated, 90 pages. £44

methodism.jpg (17603 bytes)

METHODISM in the CHANNEL ISLANDS. Rev. R. Douglas Moore, 1952. Description of the rise of Methodism in the Channel Islands. Card covers. £22

Histoire du Méthodisme dans Les Iles de la Manche 1784 - 1884 Matthieu Lelièvre D.D. 1885. Published to celebrate the Centenary of Methodism. Detailed history of the challenges and bigotry faced by the early believers. Written in French, hard back with gilt titles to front and spine, 580 pages. £120 

And Are We Yet Alive. May Morley 1987. Published at the bicentenary of Rev. John Wesley's visit to the Channel Islands. A family history from 1772 to 1979 in Jersey with a strong Methodist influence. Card covers, well illustrated 100 page booklet. £12

Islandofenchantment.JPG (10951 bytes)

ISLAND OF ENCHANTMENT. Catherine & Percival Perry with illustrations by Winifred Bromhall. A young children's story set on the island of Herm. Sir Percival Perry, later Lord Perry was crown tenant of Herm from 1923-1939. Cloth covered hardback 160 pages, £59.

Smuggling.JPG (7189 bytes)

SMUGGLING DAYS & SMUGGLING WAYS: H. N. Shore, Nautilus Library 1929. A history of the 'free-trade' days and smuggling along the south coast of England and the significant part played by the Channel Islands. Hardback, dark blue with gilt title to spine. £27 

seafisherman.jpg (12765 bytes)

SEA FISHERMAN J.C. Willcocks, 1868. The chief methods of hook and line fishing according to the author who gained much knowledge from J. Gibbs of Devon and Peter Le Noury of La Salerie, Guernsey. Illustrated with woodcut drawings by G. Le Masurier, Guernsey. Blue cloth covers with gilt title to spine and fishing courge to cover, 288 pages. £85

PLEES ACCOUNT of JERSEY. 1817. (1st edition) detailed work including the island's early and commercial history, ecclesiastical and military sections, constitution etc. Contains the large map and all engraved illustrations. Quarter bound, covers showing some wear but overall a good copy. Bookplate of Rev. Thomas Payn, one time Rector of St. Helier Parish Church. £180

JerseyHouses2.JPG (21213 bytes)

OLD JERSEY HOUSES: Vol. 2 and those who lived in them from 1700 onwards. Joan Stevens, 1977. A monumental study of Jersey houses, their inhabitants and their ways of life. Copious pictures, drawings, maps and plans. Inventories of houses, dated and initialed stones, glossary of local terminology and architectural terms. The narrative is full of human interest and provides a vast quantity of information on the buildings, those who built them and their owners. Hardcover with dustjacket, 246 pages. £41

Jersey-bisson.JPG (19348 bytes)

JERSEY Our Island Sidney Bisson, 1950. A lively first hand account of the island and its people, history and customs. 21 drawings and illustrations, 215 pages, hardback with dustjacket. £18

THE BAILIWICK of JERSEY. G.R. Balleine, 1962 (2nd impression). Detailed history and description of Jersey. Many illustrations. Hardcover with d'j. £22

THE JERSEY RAILWAY. N. R. Bonsor, 1962. A history of the Jersey Railways &  Tramway Co. and its predecessors, 85 pages, card cover with many b/w photos £10

BIRDS IN JERSEY; A Systematic Guide. 1972. A 45 page booklet published by La Société Jersiaise. £6

JERSEY'S CONSTITUTIONAL POSITION & THE COMMON MARKET. Circa 1967. A 40 page booklet privately published by a group of Jersey people. £10

A JERSEYMAN AT OXFORD. R. R. Marett, 1941. The autobiography of Robert Marett, the Rector of Exeter College, Oxford, a Jerseyman who served for over fifth years as an Oxford philosophy and anthropology don. 340 pages, cloth covered hard cover. £16

THE HARBOUR THAT FAILED William Davies 1983. The story of St. Catherine's breakwater in Jersey, the proposed naval harbour of refuge of the 1840's. Hardcover with dustjacket and signed by the author. £32

JERSEY ILLUSTRATED. P J Ouless, circa 1850. Descriptive text and 36 fine engravings. Cloth covered hardback with gilt and blind decoration, all edges gilt. A fine copy of this rare book. £250

JERSEY before and after the Norman Conquest of England. A. C. Saunders 1935. A chronological account of the history of Jersey, from the pre-Viking period to the era of the Normans, with brief notes on Newfoundland and the Channel Islands, Jersey and New Jersey, an Jersey during the French Revolution. The emphasis is upon political history. Half bound in blue morocco with gilt title to front and spine, 175 pages. £42

A POPULAR HISTORY of JERSEY. Rev. Alban E. Ragg, 1895, published by W.E. Guiton, St. Helier, Jersey. A detailed history of Jersey with illustrations, cloth covered hardback with some fading to cover. 225 pages. £39

Elizabeth-castle.JPG (56025 bytes)

ELIZABETH CASTLE. Norman V. L. Rybot F.S.A., 1960. A revised issue of this very comprehensive guide to the islet of St. Helier and Elizabeth Castle. It contains historical accounts of the life of St. Helier and the development of the Castle. Card covers, 140 pages with photos and detailed drawings.  £12.

JETHOU, History, Flora, Fauna and Guide: W.H. Cliff 1960, short illustrated booklet with sketch map, quite rare; the only reliable work published singularly on the island and provides some useful information. 72 pages with photographic illustrations and map on back cover. £24

JETHOU ISLAND, Guide & History. 16 page illustrated booklet by Susan Faed, Tenant of Jethou 1964-1971. £12

dixonscott.jpg (22057 bytes)

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS: A Book of New Photographs. J. Dixon-Scott, 1956. 39 black and white photos of Guernsey and Jersey and the other islands, hardback with slightly worn dustjacket. £22

herm1st.jpg (35725 bytes)

HERM Its Mysteries and Charm. Michael Marshall 1958 (first edition). The first stand alone book on the history of Herm Island. 32 pages with photographs. £12

herm.jpg (44481 bytes)

HERM Its Mysteries and Charm. Michael Marshall 1970 (seventh edition). The first stand alone book on the history of Herm Island. 32 pages with photographs. £9

EXCAVATIONS IN ALDERNEY. Dr. R. Marett & Lt-Col. T. De Guerin. An eleven page booklet report on the archaeological finds at Longy Bay near the Nunnery in 1925. £8

Alderney66.JPG (8591 bytes)

ALDERNEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS, A Short History of and Guide to Alderney: 1966, issued by the Alderney Publicity Committee. Illustrated history of the Island with local adverts in the last few pages and pull-out map. 100 pages card covers. £12 . 

Alderney-Coysh.JPG (20157 bytes)

ALDERNEY. Victor Coysh 1974. The author was closely associated with Alderney for many years and personally witnessed its recovery from the German occupation. He describes the way of life in the island, its history, geology and wildlife along with many photographs which confirm its natural beauty and charm. Hardback with dustjacket, 166 pages. £26

hermitlihou.JPG (16973 bytes)

THE HERMIT OF LIHOU: A Story of the Channel Islands. David Ker 1930. A story based around Lihou Island and the west coast of Guernsey, published by the Boys Own Paper Office. Red cloth covered hardback, 250 pages. £32

Lihou-Matthews.JPG (8429 bytes)

THE STORY OF LIHOU, The Holy Island. Researched by Leonie Scott Matthews and compiled by Col. Patrick Wootton, 1963. An illustrated booklet on the history of Lihou with pull out map. Card covers, 23 pages £24

HIGH TIDE ISLAND. Grace Durand 1966 reprint published by The Lihou Youth Project. Delightful children's novel set on  the Island of Lihou and Guernsey. Paperback 112 pages with illustrations by Ruth Westcott. £18

lihou.jpg (18030 bytes)

ISLANDS OF SILENCE, touched by the Healing Hand: Patrick A. Wootton 1986. After briefly portraying his early life, Patrick Wootton describes the history of Lihou and his work with young people who came from many countries to join his Youth Fellowship on Lihou Island and elsewhere. Paperback 240 pages,  illustrated, £23
World War II German Occupation Books


IMAGES OF OCCUPATION Vol.1 Simon Hamon, 2018. 175 pages of photographs and descriptive text using predominantly, previously unpublished photos from various collections including the authors and the late John Goodwin. £14.95

GERMAN TUNNELS IN GUERNSEY, ALDERNEY & SARK. Festung Guernsey Archive Book 1. Years of extensive research. Large format paperback (B5), 352 pages, extensive content of plans, diagrams and photos. What's under your house?! £15-95 available from http://www.festungguernsey.org.gg

Stockport2.JPG (5757 bytes)

CHANNEL ISLANDS MONTHLY REVIEW. Stockport and District Channel Islands Society Journal of Channel Island Refugees in Great Britain, November 1941 to April 1942. Card covers 112 pages, Vol.2 £33 

NOS ILES, A Symposium on the Channel Islands.  Limited publication by the Channel Island Study Group, March 1944. A study and report on the trade and social structure of the islands and their future after their liberation from the German occupying forces. It provides a succinct statement of the islands political development, their economic and social conditions at that time, including some brief economic statistics. Card covers, 100 pages, very rare. £36

Ein Bilderbogen von den Kanalinseln. Baron Max von Aufsess 1943. Illustrated description of the islands. Card covers, 80 pages, handwritten inscription by a member of the German Occupying forces dated Christmas 1943. £86

DIE KANALINSELN, Jersey, Guernsey, Sark. Sonderfuhrer Dr. Hans Auerbach. Paperback, photos and engravings, spine worn, 144 pages. A history of the Channel Islands, published by order of the German Commanding Officer, during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, (Jersey 1942). £64

HITLER'S ATLANTIC WALL. Colin Partridge 1976. Detailed analysis of the Atlantic Wall with much reference to the fortifications of the Channel Islands. 144 pages, card covered. A good copy with a small crease to cover of a now rare work £47

ONE MAN'S WAR. Frank Stroobant, (1st edition).  The author's account of the Occupation and his deportation to Germany, written in the late fifties and finally published in 1967. Card covers with illustrations £7

THE ORGANISATION TODT & THE FORTRESS ENGINEERS in the CHANNEL ISLANDS. Channel Islands Occupation Society Archive Book No.8. Using information from local, national and international archives to compile this history of the massive engineering and construction works carried out by the OT. Illustrated by photos and plans. 168 pages. £6

JERSEY'S GERMAN BUNKERS. (1999), Channel Islands Occupation Society Archive Book No.9. A detailed guide to Jersey's bunkers, well illustrated with photos and plans. 170 pages. £12

A GUIDE to GERMAN FORTIFICATIONS on GUERNSEY. Ernie Gavey 2001. A comprehensive field guide containing maps, plans, photos and detailed descriptions of the fortifications. 88 pages. Now out of print. £10

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW 1978. Escapes from Guernsey and Alderney, HMS Rodney and the Bombardment of Alderney, Wartime Quarries in Jersey, MV Dorothea Weber, The States of Guernsey 1939-1945, German Mortars. £16

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW 1984. German Coastal Artillery, Preservation Progress, Major Lanz, Bradshaw Advice Cards, Index to the Reviews. £6

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW 1987. German Harbour Organisation and the Harbour Protection Flotilla, German Flamethrowers in Jersey, Channel Island Communications, USS PC564. £8

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.18 (1990). The Arrival of the Occupying Forces, The Bundesarchiv in Koblenz, Piccadilly Commando-A Second Chapter Begins, Operation Green Arrow and the 216 Infantry Division, German and Austrian Settlers in Guernsey, Abandoned Alderney, The 2cm Flak 30, The Oestmann Correspondence. £3

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.19 (1991). Landmine Warefare, The Mysterious Travels of a Wartime Letter, 319 Infantry Division, The Disposal of Jersey's German Artillery Weapons, Gun Recovery Part I, Herr Siegfried Köhler. £3

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.20 (1995). Festung Guernsey 1944-An Analysis of the Official German Handbook on their Island Fortress, The Identity Card System in Occupied Guernsey, German Road Numbering System, Deportation form Guernsey 1942, Jews Deported from Occupied Guernsey, £3

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.22 (1997). Festung Guernsey 1944 - Part II, Methodism Occupied, Channel Island Occupation Review Index 1984-1993, Hasso von Schaaffhausen, A Last Salute to Chouet Tower, Jersey Coastal Artillery - Batterie Plans from Festung Jersey. £4

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.24 (1998). Festung Guernsey 1944 - Part III, Force 135 - Recollections of the Liberation of Guernsey, The Visit of Major Gruzdev, A German Anti-Aircraft battery Commander in Guernsey (Dieter Hankel), Jersey Coastal Artillery Batterie Plans Part II, Report on Excavation of Fortifications at Fort Hommet, Fortress Tour - 6th August 1945. £4

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.25 (1997). The Soldatenheim Guest Book, Herr Alfred Knipps, A Ghost is Laid to Rest - Destroying a 27cm shell a La Rocco Tower, Foreign Workers' Burials in Guernsey, 88s in the Channel Islands, Preservation and Field Analysis - Grouville Common Sechsschartentürm, M19 at La Corbiere, Noirmont Command Bunker. £6

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.28 (2001). 40th Anniversary of the CIOS, Impressions of the Occupation-Dr. Alistair Rose, 'Red' Enigma, Boniface and the 'Y' Service-Events of 27th June to 1st July 1940, Legion Condor in the C.I., St. Jacques Naval Signals Bumker, Field Kitchens, Frank Stroobant, Memories of Fort George Sept 1939 to June 1940, The Harbour Protection Flotilla 1941-1942. £6

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.30 (2002). Deportations September 1942-February 1943, Recalling the Raid on Granville, Editing the Ord Diary, The Deportee Camps-Photo Reconnaissance, Impressions of the Occupation-Dr. Rose part II, Operation Nestegg, M.I.5 Reports 1945, Internment in Germany, A Gunner of Flak Battery Rabenstein. £6

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.31 (2003). Siebel-Fähren & Artilleriefährprahme in C.I. Waters, Noel McKinstry, The French Renault Char-B Tanks, Compulsory German Classes, Diary and Letters of Albin Ballauf, Wolff of the Gestapo, Reconcilliation and Twinning of St. Helier and Bad Wurzach, Permits/Ausweis, Preservation Progress at La Carriére. £10

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.32 (2004). A Teachers Experience-Ruby Le Page, Alderney & Sylt Camp-The Memories of Sylvester Kukula, Sylt Camp and Letter from Himmler, Memorandum on Germans-Rev. John Leale, Batterie Scharnhorst-Guernsey, Batterie Schlieffen-Jersey, Brecqhou Goes to War, Silent resistance-The V Badges, Paul Sommerfeld, USS Maloy, The Story of Eygpt Village-Jersey, Friedrich Rammel. £10

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.33 (2005). Batterie Blucher - Alderney, German Searchlights in Jersey, Rev. Ord's Diary - the last Few Months, German Geologists:-  Walther Klupfel, Walter Wetzel, Friedrich Rohrer, Postage Stamps 1940-1945. £7

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.34 (2006). The uniforms of Maj. G. Johnson, Guenther Brauner, A Childs War, Diary of John Cutler Vincent, Liberation Cavalcades and Le Chevauchée origins, Alderney Preservation Progress, Hermanm Offenwanger, Previously unpublished photographs, Atlantic Wall Linear Museum, Batterie Steinbruch at Les Vardes Quarry, V6-Hitler's secret weapon for Guernsey, MNO bunker at St. Jacques, Obituary: Alf Williams, Merlyn Severn in Guernsey. £14

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.36 (2008). Alderney Liberated, Flt. Lt. H. Hailstone, Looking for Batterie Mirus Guns, The Return journey of the Deportees, Policing During the Occuaption, Obituary - Arthur Bailey QPM, Impressions of the Occupation-Dr. Rose part III, Albert Engel, Guernsey Prison 1940-45, u-275, Spies in our Midst, An Italian's Occupation, Trench Art of Byll Balcombe, Searchlights in Guernsey. £7

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.37 (2009). A Prisoner of Peace - Engelbert Hoppe, Insurance during th Occupation, The story of Generalmajor Wulf, Oberst Prahl and the missing 'green book', Herr Paul Lubbe, German Military Geologists part III, Preservation Progress. £6

CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION REVIEW No.38 (2010). A Guernsey Homecoming, Operations 'Hardtack 7 & 22, Medicine and Public Health, Tank turrets in Alderney, Liberation Recollections of a General Staff Officer of Force 135, Montague Dawson RNVR: War Artist, Bernhard Von Tschirschky, German rescue Bouys, Crash of a Dornier 17P, Secret of Batterie Mirus, Reinforced Field Order Bunkers for the 4.7cm PaK in Alderney, Die Alderney Sonnenuhr, Obituary-Bill Bell.  £6

THE GERMAN OCCUPATION OF JERSEY. A Complete Diary of Events from June 1940 to June 1945. Leslie P. Sinel, illustrated edition 1946. Green cloth covered with gilt title to front and spine, 315 pages £38

ISOLATED ISLAND. V.V. Cortvriend, 3rd edition 1949. Fascinating record of the German Occupation of Guernsey during WWII along with the authors personal reminiscences. A lively and authorative account of the islanders experiences under Nazi domination, an inspiring and intriguing story. Hard back, with dustjacket, 325 pages. £26

ISLANDS IN DANGER. Alan & Mary Wood, 1955. A reliable, early account of both the military and political events of the occupation, and the everyday life of islanders. It is based on published and unpublished accounts, interviews and some official records. 250 pages, illustrated. A first edition copy with worn but protected dustjacket. £18

GERMAN TUNNELS IN THE CHANNEL ISLANDS. Michael Ginns with photos and drawings by Paul Burnal, 1993. Of all the building activities of the German forces, none has captured the public imagination more than the tunnels that were driven into the sides of the island's valleys. Large format paperback, 96 detailed pages with numerous photos and plans. £32

ISLANDERS DEPORTED Part 1. Roger E. Harris 1979. The complete history of those British subjects who were deported from the German Occupation of 1940-1945 and imprisoned in Europe. Paperback 230 pages with illustrations, some creases to front cover. Has bean stored in a slightly damp environment, but a rare copy signed by the author. £35

ISLANDERS DEPORTED Part 2. Roger E. Harris 1983. The development and censorship of the Internment Camp Services associated with British Subjects deported from the Channel Islands during the German Occupation 1940-1945. Card covers 230 pages £14
More publications on the occupation at our Pamphlets and Booklets page

swastika.jpg (11157 bytes)

SWASTIKA over GUERNSEY. Victor Coysh, 1966. A 31 page, illustrated booklet on the German Occupation and Liberation of Guernsey. £6

Slaveworker.JPG (15719 bytes)

SLAVE WORKER John Dalmau 1960's. The story of a Spaniard who worked as a slave under the Nazi taskmasters during the German Occupation. 24 page booklet £6. 

MIRUS THE MAKING OF A BATTERY. Colin Partridge & Capt. John Wallbridge, 1983. The story of the design, construction and operation of the largest gun battery built by the German occupying forces during World War II. Technical specifications, bunker plans, extensively illustrated and well researched; rarely available. £32

Evacuation-Roussel.JPG (16134 bytes)

EVACUATION. Leslie E. Roussel, 1997. Despite the title, this book is about how the author, a horticulturist and lay preacher, experienced the Occupation of Guernsey. It provides an account of the experiences of people of all ages, and how according to Roussel, Guernsey's leaders set a great example in their determination to give people the best deal possible. 108 pages hardback with dustjacket, signed by the author. £21

Tiny act of.jpg (23806 bytes)

A TINY ACT OF DEFIANCE, Peter J. Rivett 2001. New limited publication detailing the story of a small band of quite humble individuals, cut-off from Britain, who were determined to carry on as though the war had not touched the Channel Islands. The scope of their work, their imagination, their innovation in finding ways to make quality products for the public as well as their selfless devotion to their absent employers, Boots the Chemists, really demands our respect . Paperback 52 pages. Normal price £4-95. Special offer £3-50  

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