Pamphlets and Booklets for sale

Description of Victor Hugo's House in Guernsey and historical notes. Jean Sergent£4-00
The Guernsey Lily and how it came to Guernsey. Rosemary De Saumarez 1971£3-00
Country by the sea walks in Guernsey by the sea. Carel Toms 1972£3-50
Guernsey Folk Remedies of the 18th CenturyJ. Stevens Cox F.S.A., A short compilation of folk remedies and potions used by the inhabitants of Guernsey during the 18th & 19th century.
La Chevauchée de St. Michel short illustrated souvenir programme and guide to the Chevauchée procession held in 1966. Card covers, 15 pages,£6-00
Guernsey Motor Museum Guide Book, circa 1980£4-00
Having Fun With Tropical Plants. Patrick A. Wootton£6-00
The Story of the Church & Parish of St. Saviour. T.F. Priaulx 1969£10-50
Brief History of St. Saviour's Church. Freddie Priaulx 1965£7-50
Guernsey Brewery,  32 page history of the building , company and brewing process.£6-00
The Cathedral and Parish Church of St. Peter Port. S. Carey Curtis 1963£11-50
St. Sampson's Church: Edward L. Frossard, 1st edition 1932. A brief history of the parish church. Card covers, 30 pages with photographic illustrations.  £6-00
St. Sampson's Church 1960's£5-50
The Story of St. Martin's Church. 1960's£10-50
The Story of St. Pierre du Bois Church. 1970£11-50
Outline and guide to the geology of Guernsey. Reprinted from La Societe Guernesiase Transactions£4-00
Guernsey Illustrated 1960's a reproduction Victorian illustrated guide to Guernsey in the 1880's£9-00
Saumarez Manor: Guide book.£4-00
Guernsey in Colour: a  short colour pictorial guide with descriptive text to Guernsey with brief reference to Herm, Sark and Alderney. Card covers, 32 pages, 27 photos and pictorial centre page map 1964.£6-00
The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce 1808-1983£9-00
Guernsey Harbours & Airport Handbook 1961£10-00
SPIKE: Book 1, 1994 collection of cartoons  from Guernsey's 'number one' cartoonist.£8-00
Mysterious Mound. Nick Machon. ( Les Fouaillages archealogical dig)£8-00
Beautiful Bailiwick. 16 pictures from the 'Press' of the Bailiwick (1950's)£8-00
Castle Cornet, Visitors guide 1960's£3-00
Les Capelles Methodist Sunday School 150th Anniversary 1828-1978£3-00
Liberation Day Cavalcade Programme 1980£7-00
Liberation Day Cavalcade Programme 1995£7-00
Channel Islands Occupation Review 1988£10-00
Swastika over Guernsey: Victor Coysh 1955£7-00
Runaway Rig, The salvaging of the Orion oil rig£8-00
Stranded Juggernaut. The salvaging of the super-freighter Elwood Mead £10-00
Guernsey Historical Monographs. Edited by James Stevens Cox F.S.A.:   All £4-00 each
No.1 Guernsey dishes of the 18th century
No.2 HMS Guernsey
No.6 Guernsey in Queen Victoria's reign
No.8 The Channel Islands in the 16th Century.
No.9 The complaint of the inhabitants of the Island of Guernsey (1690)
No.10 The giant cabbage of the Channel Islands
No.11 H.M.S. Guernsey
No.13 Guernsey Dishes of Bygone days
No.14 The extraordinary house of Victor Hugo
No.15 The Constitution of Guernsey
No.16 Guernsey dishes of 1815
No.17 Lighthouses of the Channel Islands
No.23 How Guernsey Beat The Bankers
No.35 The Water Lanes & Green Lanes of Guernsey 

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